Cuby & the Blizzards - Nostalgic Toilet
(H. Muskee; E. Gelling)
Philips 334 650 JF

I see my reflections in the air
Knowing that people don't go there, yeah
Knowing the loneliness they can't bear

I, I hear people calling my name
But their voices sound all the same, yeah
All the same in my ear

My ear is the shelter of what my eyes can't see
Dreams o what I'll never be, yeah
The fairy tales of you and me

I, I see the children playing in the street
I see them dancing on their feet
Reflections of you and me

Now, now I watch the falling rain
Try to find in every drop a pain
Of a man who's not to blame

Ife, give me the reason why I exist
Please the answer, I insist
'Cause my life is very short