Boots - In The Beginning
(M. d'Abo)
Philips 334 647 JF

In the beginning was the word and the word was with God
And the word it was God
And without Him there was not anything made
It was made, in Him was light
And the light was the light of the Holy

The clouds poured on their water
Sky sent out a sound
It was meant in broad
Even the soul was found

I heard the voice of thunder
The earth trembled, it shook
The world would soon begin
Iit was all in my book
I had to take a look
In the beginning

Then there was light
Big bright light

The air was down to flowers
The streams, they overflow
And way up in a tree
I could just see a bird

And who's to look around me
And so what came to pass
And soon it was good, surely good, not less
I really had to ask
In the beginning

And there was man
Big strong man, oohoohoo

Man is still surviving
He's got so much to learn
And things are not so good
Wish that I could return
To the beginning
In the beginning
(Amen, amen, amen)