Don Partridge - Rosie
(D. Partridge)
Columbia DB 8330

Rosie, oh Rosie
I'd like to paint your face up in the sky
Sometimes when I'm busy relaxing
I look up and catch your eye

Your eyes when they're widening
Bring thunder and lightening
And sunset strokes the colour to your skin

Your eyes are so blue
I just think of a blue sky
And bumble bees buzzing on the wing

Rosie, oh Rosie
It's raining when you look the other way
Rosie, oh Rosie
Your laughter brings the sunshine out to play

And though I just met you
Well I silhouette you
Or highlight golden shadows in your hair

I'm painting your minds eye
Up there in the blue sky
Summer birds winging through the air

Rosie, oh Rosie
I paint your face for all the worlds to see
Rosie, oh Rosie
I'd like to paint your face eternally