RO-D-YS - Just Fancy
(H. Rijnbergen)
Philips 333 855 JF

Just fancy
I was working on the farmyard again
The farmer didn't like the clothes that I wear
And the length of my hair
It was much too long

Just fancy
Every morning it was daybreak at six
I took my cycle and I covered the road
No chance to trail my coat
So I was out on the run

Down there where the fields are waving (Down there)
Down there it got to go without failing (Down there)
Down there with my partners who are still (Down there)
Down there as a gardener I lived (Down there)

Just fancy
Living between the people without ears
Do not like the music that I like
Except what they like
But not meant for me

Just fancy
Talking with John who don't care a damn
When he's hurting, your feeling's dead
Without some regret
He doesn't see my mind

Down there where the days are too long (Down there)
Down there you have to hold your tongue, yeah (Down there)
Down there the farmer's son is chasing (Down there)
Down there the farmer's sister's amazing (Down there)

Just fancy
Life for me is so much easier now
Ev'rything's getting more useful here
The only words I hear
Are all just mine

Just fancy
I had to tell them all the things I think
About the way I hang my hair
Or to explain my glare
They say I have

Down there
Down there
Down there
Down there
Down there
Down there