Outsiders - Monkey On Your Back
(R. Splinter; W. Tax)
Relax 45 025

Before you know what's wrong with you
Feel that monkey is sitting on your back
That's when you must realise that
For you it's too late to crawl back
That's when you must perceive
Your world is built out of make belief
That's when you wanna go but just can't leave
That's when you even need a shot to get a breeze
That's when your bed is gonna be your day
And when you ain't got it you can't even move your head
That's when everything you touch seems unreal
And you don't even know how and what you feel
Well if that's the way you want it to be
You better don't come to see me no more
I don't wanna be around to see your world is tumbling down
I'd like to keep my feet right on the ground
That's why I don't want you around
The way you put yourself down don't appeal too much to me
I tried to show you the way out
You're on the leave, aren't you
I thought you were some way out
Well I think I've done everything I could
I even loved you when it didn't go no good

Don't you tell me you love me so
I don't care a damn and I already know
Don't you think that I feel sorry for you
And don't think about it if that's new to you
And I don't care what you're gonna do
Maybe you discover something new
And that makes me feel all right
So please girl
Why don't you go away, leave me alone
I still got a home
That's where I'm gonna stay
Stay home