Machine - Lonesome Tree
(F. Content)
Polydor 2050 017

I've not been sleeping since the night
That I saw her in a dream

She's away
When she went she didn't say

When will I meet my secret sweet love
That's hidin' in my mind?

Gone away
I don't know, she didn't say

I saw you there alone, a friend
A desert sand of a foreign land

Ohoho, lonesome tree, can't you see
I long to be down by your side

To save your crown is all we done
Makes my friend stop feelin' bad

Ohoho, lonesome tree, the burning sun
Turn me on, I'll be your man

I've been sleeping in a dream
With a girl I've never seen

Oh, she's away
With a guy that's not to play

Stay with me, stay with me, darling
Don't you measure alone with my soul