Soul Survivors - Mama Soul
(R. Ingui; Ch. Ingui; R. Hall; Staff)
Atlantic ATL 70362

I knew a place
When I was just a little boy
When I used to go there
Oh, it was my pride and joy

I had no mam and daddy
But I met a wise little girl
She told me: "Son, you got to sing
To sing from your soul, boy"

And I called her
(Mama Soul)
Yes I called her Mama Soul
(Mama Soul)
That's what I called that girl
(Mama Soul)
Oh, oh, yeah

Well I loved that place
A warm feeling in the air
The way I just sit there
Mama Soul in the rocking chair

And then one day I asked her
Why her skin was at the seam of man
And you know what she said
She told me: "Son, now you're a man
Just sing from your soul, you boy"

And I loved her
(Mama Soul)
Yes I loved her Mama Soul
(Mama Soul)
I will love her now
(Mama soul)
Oh, Mama Soul

Well I'm your boy
(Mama Soul)
Yes I'm your little boy
(Mama Soul)
(Mama Soul)
Mama Soul
(Mama Soul)
Ohohoho, yeaheah
(Mama Soul)