Hollies - Sorry Suzanne
(G. Stevens; T. Macaulay)
Parlophone R 5765

I can't make it if you leave me
I'm sorry Suzanne
Believe me I was wrong
And I knew I was all along
Forgive me
I still love you more than ever

I'm sorry Suzanne forever
Hurting you
You know I never wanted to
I'm truly sorry Suzanne

I could never ever justify
All the tears
I've made you cry
But I do regret it
My suzanne
You gotta believe me

I was looking round for someone new
What a foolish thing to do
All the time I knew it
Heaven knows
What made me do it

If you would only take me back again
Things would be so different then
What I wouldn't give for one more chance
To live for Suzanne