Free - Soul Party
(the Free)
Philips 334 567 JF

Alright, huh
Now it is stranger
In this good shaking town
Now do you dig soul music
Why don't you come all down
You see we're having a funky, funky soul party
Ah, baby, alright, huh

Now you sweet little mama
Come on and do the jerk
Take my invitation
I like to see you work
On that groovy, funky soul party
My, my baby say like all

Alright baby, huh
You can take off your shoes
I was really out of time
But it ends all on blues

You just leave us some rhythm
From the guitar man
And when you hear the horns blowing
You freeze as hard as you can

Let me see you freeze
Got to got to freeze for me, honey
Got to make you feel good
Huh, I don't see sweet soul movement
Huh, sweet soul movement
Baby, baby you're alright
Say , get me right, sweet soul movement
Got to make me feel alright
Got to, got to