Clinton Ford - Dandy
(R. Davies)
Pye 7N 35343

Dandy, Dandy
Where you gonna go now?
Who you gonna run to?
All your little life
You're chasing all the girls
They can't resist your style
Oh, they long for Dandy, Dandy

Checkin' out the ladies
Tickling their fancy
Pouring out your charm
To meet your own demands
And telling all the world
Oh, they long for Dandy, Dandy

Hanging on the back poach
Climbing through the window
Pussy's gone away
And while the cat's away
The mice are gonna play
Oh, you low down Dandy, Dandy

Dandy, you know you're moving much too fast
And Dandy, you know you can't escape the past
Look 'round you and see the people settle down
And when you're old and grey you will remember what I said
That two girls are too many, three's a crowd and four you're dead

Oh Dandy, Dandy
When you gonna give up?
Are you feeling old now?
You always will be free
You'll find no sympathy
A bachelor you will stay
And always be a Dandy
Dandy, ooh
Dandy, ooh