Fortunes - This Golden Ring
(R. Greenaway; R. Cook)
Decca F 12 321

This golden ring's gonna buy me a place in my baby's arms
This golden ring's gonna make quite sure that we never part
It's so funny what a ring can do
Make a girl just like you
Take a ride downtown
Searching for a wedding gown
So I've got a ring for my baby
And I'm a thinking very soon that maybe that girl will be mine
I'm gonna have an angel devine
And everything's gonna be fine
So fine

This golden ring is all I have to give to you
But given time and love I'll make your dreams come true
I've been a saving all my money
I've been a working hard girl
Only with you in mind
But we've got something more than money
We've got a love that's gonna last us
So fine