Searchers - Goodbye My Love
(B. Mosly; L. Swearingen; A. Simington)
Pye 7N 15794

Goodbye my love, goodbye my love
Though I love you truly
It was meant to be
That Iíd lose your love
Goodbye my love, goodbye

So long my love, be strong my love
Youíve done nothing wrong
This love canít go on
So take care my love
Goodbye my love, goodbye

And I know that youíre not happy at all
Any fool can plainly see
And I know Iím the one you really love
But I canít go on sharing you, sharing you

Goodbye my love, donít cry my love
I love you sincerely
It just had to be
It hurts me so inside to say goodbye
Goodbye my love
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye