Newbeats - Everything's Allright
(J.D. Loudermilk)
Hickory HY 42.777

There's a bunch of guys in town
Whose been buggin' you and hangin' around
And calling you on the phone and talkin' real smart
Ev'ry brand new him that calls is one of them
They're trying to mess us up and make us part

They're ganging up on my baby
Coming on strong
Trying to turn you
Against me and take you home
But baby don't listen baby
Everything's allright
Ain't gettin' you baby
Without a fight!
Oh, baby, hold me tight
Everything's allright

This bunch of alley cats oughta be chasin' rats
Instead of a little mouse's ear like you
But they're out doing their best
Tryin' their best to mess
Up a love that's honest and true