Barron Knights - Call Up The Groups
(div; Barron Knights)
Columbia DB 7317

Let them call up the other groups
We think it's a great idea

Send the Searchers to Algiers
For about a hundred years
Let's wish them luck in their new career

We send them away
To earn their pay
What a place it was
And they knew they had to go away
And get down on their knees to earn their pay
And they queued all day
Oh yes, we will, Sir
We'll clean those saucepans and tins-a
Yes Sir

There's a little town in Cyprus
There's hanging out the streamers
To welcome the arrival of Freddie and the Dreamers

Just a minute!
I could never be (I could never be)
A corporal in the cavalry
Please don't pick on me (Please don't pick on me)
I am only five foot three
Now I don't like the army life
The airforce don't like me
Now I can't join the navy
'Cause I get sick at sea

Freddie has gone away
Hip, hip, hooray
Next in line we were dreaming maybe
The Rolling Stnes would be fit for the navy

We dont want to join the Royal Navy
We don't want to go to Hong Kong
We wanna keep our haircuts baby
We wanna keep it long
We wanna keep it long
We wanna keep it long
We wanna keep it long
We wanna keep it long

The Searchers are still searching
Freddie is still dreaming
But the Stones go rolling along
Just to even up the score
We can soon dig up some more
The Bachelors are looking very strong

Wait for me, my Diane
Oh, I only have two years to go (Years to go)
Wait for me, my Diane (My Diane)
Now I only have two stripes to show
Wait for me, my Diane (My Diane, my Diane)

We have heard from secret sources
There's a group, ideal for the forces
If the call up, they revive
This could be heard from the Dave Clark Five

Army blisters, boots and blisters
We've been marching day and night
Army blisters, boots and blisters
We can't tell our left foot from our right
Army blisters, boots and blisters
We've been sent to far off land
Army blisters, boots and blisters
We wish we were home doing one night stands

There's just one group that we'd left out
They're four talented people
When they're on stage they twist and shout
Who is it?

Well I got this rifle now (Rifle now)
I had to shake it about (Shake it about)
'Cause I had a bullet stuck (Bullet stuck)
Up the spout (Up the spout)

There's one small thing we don't want them to do
That's make them join the forces too