Françoise Hardy - Only Friends
(R. Samyn; F. Hardy; S. Miller)
Vogue HV 2013

If we are only friends
Why do you kiss me like you do
If we are only friends
Why do you hold me all night through
Do the words "I love you"
Never come to your mind
Don't you know I love you
Or is love really blind

And every time we dance
When there is starlight up above
I wonder if by chance
You will discover this is love
Could we be as happy
As we both seem to be
Could we be so happy
For the whole world to see if we are only friends

All evening in your arms you hold me
Till suddenly it's time to part
I wonder why you always hold me
So close to your heart

If we are only friends
Why don't you dance with someone new
And when the party ends
Why do I always leave with you
There's a happy ending
But on you that depends
And until you tell me
I can only say
We're just very good friends
We are only good friends
We're still very good friends