Connie Francis - Valentino
(K. Millett)
MGM 1060

(Valentino, Valentino)
(Are you lonely inside?)

Curly hair dangling down on his forehead
Eyes that glow like a fire in the night
Dressed in black, leather jacket trimmed in silver
Never want to hide or run from any fight

Oh, Valentino, Valentino
Are you lonely deep inside?
Valentino, Valentino
Have your dreams all been denied?

Tough as nails in a rumble or a show down
With his gang he's a terror in the night
But alone by himself he's sort of quiet
You begin to see him in a different light

Then one day to this boy Valentino
Came a love that meant everything to him
But he knew he could never hope to win her
For she'd have no part of violence and sin

Oh, Valentino, Valentino
What has fate in store for you?
Oh, Valentino, Valentino
Is there nothing you can do?
Must you go on and never more be free
Valentino, Valentino
What is your destiny?