Jeanne Black - He'll Have To Stay
(J. Allison; A. Allison; C Grean)
Capitol 4368

I am glad you finally called me on the phone
I've been waiting here tonight, but not alone
You broke the date that we had made just yesterday
Now there's someone else who's here, he'll have to stay

I have found another love I know it's true
And he holds me much more tenderly than you
Loving you's not worth the price I have to pay
Someone else is in your place, he'll have to stay

Once I loved you with all my heart but now I must say no
You broke my heart too many times so now you have to go

I can hear the jukebox playing soft and low
And you're out again with someone else I know
My love was blind, I'm not you kind, that's all I'll say
So you can hang-up, I'm in his arms, he'll have to stay

Now someone else is in your place, he'll have to stay